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March 14 2016

Whats so meaningful about magic?

Imagine if you might actually wave a magic wand and give desire to somebody that needs it most?

Meaningful Magic Corporation can be a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization headed by clinical psychologist and magician/escape artist Dr. Tom Virden (who performs as Rook). When inquired about meaningful magic, he gives this elevator pitch:

Magic, as a performance art, has the capacity to provide information and messages in the deep and meaningful way. Meaningful Magic was formed to be able to provide free magic shows so that you can spread hope and empowerment to the people who want it most.

Simply put, Meaningful Magic arranges age-appropriate magic shows cost-free for numerous organizations that provide a public service in the Phoenix, Arizona area. These organizations may include:

Homeless shelters
Senior centers
Schools that serve the underprivileged and also at risk
Organizations that raise awareness and/or funds for any humanitarian cause
To plan a performance for the organization, ask an issue, or simply drop a line, kindly visit the Contact page or send a message to rook@meaningfulmagic.org.

Keep in mind, however, that because Dr. Virden maintains his career being a Psychologist and Professor, shows are restricted to the greater Phoenix area and dates might be limited as well.
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Whats the Catch?
Meaningful Magic operates entirely by donations, so theres no direct cost towards the organization. All that's needed is is a place to perform and people to enthrall!

You can find, however, a few pre-determined questions we love to ask so that you can figure out what kinds of effects Rook is capable of doing:

The number of men and women exist?

In the maiden year because the Rook Project, Meaningful Magic has performed for groups as small as 5 so that as large as 400. Some effects are better seen by big or small groups than others, so its good to understand how large or small the crowd will probably be.

About how old will the audience be?

We try to really make the show as age-appropriate as you can. Knowing the typical age ranges of the audience will enable Rook to talk with them effectively through the performance of magic.

The length of time will we have?

In general, these shows last roughly Forty-five minutes (give or take, with respect to the engagement from the audience). However, in case there are more specific time requirements, we can create a show around the exact same thing.

Perhaps there is time and energy to set up?

Rook generally wants to arrive about Half an hour early to set up. However, if thats not easy for whatever reasons, we could work around that a lot!

Will there be a personal destination to setup?

Some effects need to be setup from prying eyes. Ideally, the performance area needs to be kept from view until system is complete. Thats not at all times possible, however, and definately will influence the consequences you can use.

How big may be the room?

Rook loves to joke which he could perform inside a phone booth as needed. Its doubtful that hes ever actually tried, if your area is big or small, we are able to assembled something to your group.

What is the PA available?

This helps in terms of getting sound and music during your audience. If you dont have one, dont worry, Rook brings his or her own. If your website has one already, however, its probably superior to any portable PA that Rook may bring!

Are there electrical outlets available?

This will certainly help to determine whether/where Rook can plug in a PA or other equipment which could relate to the show. Sometimes, thats difficult (e.g., some outdoor shows). Thats okay and we can shift!

Is it okay to add animals within the show?

Sometimes the rabbit is the star from the magic show! However, if your site doesn't allow the use of animals for any reasons whatsoever, well provide them with the afternoon off.

Could it be okay to adopt photographs or videos?

Sometimes, we like in order to have videos and pictures of Meaningful Magic inside the making. It helps you to explain what we do (have a look at our gallery!). If thats not permissible for any reason, however, well refrain from this.

Is really a table available?

With respect to the show, it might be beneficial to possess a table around. Something small (in regards to the sized a card table) generally works well. If thats unavailable, dont worry, Rook provides their own.

What is the table sufficient for an individual to comfortably lie upon?

Since sounds somewhat odd request! One of Rooks more popular effects involves someone laying upon a table. If thats a chance, hell be able to add this effect.

Book an show or drop a line!
Again, if youd like more information, book a scheduled appointment, or speak with us for any reason whatsoever, select our Contact page or send an email to rook@meaningfulmagic.org and well get started

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